Les mots de Passe-Partout
2021-10-16, 15:20–16:00, Main room

Since the explosion of information technology in the 70s and especially with the growing field of personal computing, authentication has become more and more present. For most users authentication is a headache and to make things easier they resort to the simple solution of having only one complex password for all their accounts. This way of thinking also can be observed inside companies, including major ones such as the OVI ! Unfortunately companies are more and more targets by people with bad intentions. So "how can authentication be decisive for a company nowadays and in the future due to its operation, its complexity and its implementation ?".

To answer this question we will go through different subjects such as : the different kinds of authentication, the Encryption, the certificates and some other funny stuff. The speech will be as less technical as possible and every one can come. Professionals and Muggles allowed. If you want to learn more well come and see my friend.

Talk language – EN