“Internationalized Domain Names... and its possible bad uses” fladnaG · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) allows people to use Unicode characters in domain names... what could possibly go wrong ?


Since the global COVID 19 pandemic, videoconference
has become a daily routine for a large part of the world’s
population, whether for work or personal life. However,
despite its many advantages, videoconference offers a
significant biometric source to attackers. Indeed, we will
see in this article…

“Why the Options Pattern is Great for Security” Dima Kotik · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

The speaker will demonstrate three security benefits of the options pattern for object initialization by showing three examples. They will also suggest and explain a small but significant improvement to the options pattern that increases security even more.

“Mechanisms of influence : a short guide to social engineering” Volker · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

Nowadays, the majority of cyber attacks involves a social engineering component: a fraudulent email leading to the exposure of an information system to a ransomware, an external person posing as an employee in order to steal sensitive information, etc. Social engineering is a very effective way for…

“AI vs Hackers” Tolga MALKOC · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

How the AI will protect people and computers and how it's will be impossible to hack something in the near future ?

“Les mots de Passe-Partout” Michael Andréo · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

Since the explosion of information technology in the 70s and especially with the growing field of personal computing, authentication has become more and more present. For most users authentication is a headache and to make things easier they resort to the simple solution of having only one complex …

“Hack in Provence” Jusk · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

  • c'est quoi notre vision du hacking
  • en quoi SecSea est spécial sur la scène française
  • comment nous rejoindre, nous suivre, nous aider

“Active Directory pwnage: ACLs and Kerberos” Shutdown (Charlie Bromberg) · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

Active Directory Domain Services offer a wide attack surface featuring protocols, services, permissions, policies, and many more components. This talk will focus on one of my favorite attack scenarios based on exploiting ACEs and Kerberos delegations. A 5 minutes scenario leading to full takeover, …

“The Quantum Revolution” Mathis Hammel, Clément Hammel · Talk (questions included) (40 minutes)

L'avènement de l'informatique quantique semble se préciser de plus en plus, et les avancées du domaine laissent à penser qu'il n'y a plus de doute que cette technologie sera disponible dans les décennies voire années à venir. Les implications d'un tel système de calcul sont nombreuses, et notamment…

“Workshop OSINT - Friday” Open Facto · Workshop (3.3 hours)

Workshop OSINT par OpenFacto

“Workshop OSINT - Saturday” Open Facto · Workshop (3.3 hours)

Workshop OSINT - Saturday

“Hack your 2nd brain and improve your efficiency” SaxX · Rump session (10 minutes)

Connaissiez-vous le principe du second brain ?
Sauriez-vous ressortir toutes les étapes d'un audit offensif d'un AD ou la mise en place du tiering model après une cyberattaque ?
Un exemple parmi tant d'autres...
Pendant 10mn, venez découvrir ce concept révolutionnaire pour drastiquement améliorer v…

“Don't touch to my medical data! / Touche pas à mon dossier médical !” Axelle Apvrille · Short talk (questions included) (20 minutes)

Hospitals, clinics, laboratories get hacked. The thought is disturbing, even sometimes taboo. How "unethical" to attack the medical sector! On the other side, maybe we could secure data and systems better, couldn't we?

I will go through a couple of "horror series", where security is missing or comp…